Pregnancy does not effect breast cancer survival

Returned from my first doctor’s visit this afternoon. Nothing much happened at this visit, but it feels more official now. I got a bit emotional when I told him my history of breast cancer and my anxiety surrounding the possibility of a miscarriage, but also my fear of a recurrence. He has assured me I will be well monitored and to try to stop worrying. Easier said than done but I will try…Meanwhile I came across this article from Fertile Hope, which helped me worry a little less:

The largest single-institution study to look at pregnant breast cancer patients published a study in  Cancer (online). Researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center  reported that young women who develop breast cancer during their pregnancy, or who are diagnosed within one year of their pregnancy, have no difference in rates of local recurrence, distant metastases and overall survival compared to other young women with the disease.

However, pregnancy contributed to a delay in breast cancer diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment, so it is reccomended that primary care and fertility doctors should be aggressive in the workup of breast symptoms in the pregnant population to expedite diagnosis and allow multidisciplinary treatment. The researchers estimate that approximately 10% of breast cancer patients under the age of 40 develop the disease during pregnancy.


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