Struggling today..

Well, there I was thinking I was handling things so well, but today I feel as if I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders….good thing crying is good for you, as the tears are in abundance again.  Overwhelming feeling of sadness and a feeling of not being able to cope. Have just returned from the doctor with a sick note for another month and a prescription for anti-depressants; was hoping for the former, not so sure about the latter. It’s normal to grieve and I don’t believe in self-medicating /covering up the grief process, but having had a long chat with my GP, he believes I am slipping from grief into depression. I have a history of depression in the past and he believes I am showing some classic symptoms. What is more debilitating is my anxiety levels are shooting through the roof and there is no reason to be anxious – I am not in work, the sun has been shining and I have had fresh air and exercise – still my anxiety is mounting. I feel though as if turning to drugs is a cop-out -that I should be able to deal with this without resorting to anti-depressants….will have to go away and have a serious think about this and do some research….


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Womb For Improvement
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 18:08:54

    Sounds shit. I don’t have any wise words but I hope you manage to find a way (chemical or not) to lift the depression. Take care.


  2. iamstacey
    Jun 26, 2009 @ 04:09:15

    I’m so sorry you’re struggling so much. Don’t be afraid to do what you need to do to be strong and healthy in both mind and body!


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