Early pregnancy loss

I suspect some people think that because I lost the baby so early in my pregnancy, it is not really a loss at all. I almost feel like I have to downplay my emotions because I lost the baby at an early stage and it was, as I’ve been told “nature’s way” and have been quoted the high statistics of this occurring early in a pregnancy. They underestimate the impact of the loss. As soon as you discover you are pregnant you begin to feel connected to that baby. You have hopes and dreams for their future and yours.

I can indentify a lot with something I read in  a book, a personal view from someone who had experienced an early pregnancy loss and who said, “the moment you see a positive pregnancy test, you have it arriving. You’ve got it growing up, going to school, getting married, becoming a grandparent..”

This is why, when you loose a baby you loose part of your future, and you grieve that lost future, those lost dreams….


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  1. iamstacey
    Jul 19, 2009 @ 04:55:50

    Absolutely, it is a loss of the future you imagined – for yourself, your husband and your baby. The loss of your new family. Of course you should grieve.


  2. blue75
    Jul 21, 2009 @ 10:10:46

    yes i agree with you – i think people think that I am also over dramatizing things and making a bigger deal than it needs be. i lost my baby and 6 weeks and they think that’s nothing – not even a baby 😦


  3. melz1207
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 21:56:49

    Very well put! Thanks for voicing it the way you did. No one understands until they have literally been through it. And, the men can mourn, but they really just don’t feel the same as a woman does when she loses a baby at 8 weeks (or whenever early enough on that he can’t feel it on the outside). She can feel that baby inside.


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