The world’s oldest mothers

So I watched the Channel 4 documentary on the world’s oldest mothers shown here last Thursday night. If I ever felt like trying to get pregnant at 40 was old, well this made me look like a spring chicken.

It certainly proves one thing, that innate desire and longing for a child never goes away. The documentary was made all the more poignant by the recent death of Maria del Carmen Bousada, the Spanish 69 year old who died of ovarian cancer after giving birth to twins at the age of 67 with the help of IVF. It also raised for me, with my history of breast cancer,  my own concerns over IVF.

Most heartening for me was Mary, in America, who gave birth at the age of 54 to twin girls. Those girls are now 16 and Mary at 60 is so fit that she seems decades younger, water-skiing and pumping iron. The girls adore their mother and they have a wonderful relationship with her.

Most remarkably of all, was the story of Rajo from India, who, after giving birth at the age of 70, became the oldest mother in the world. India appears to be THE place for IVF for these older mothers. 

Rajo’s sister who is a few years younger, and her husband’s other wife (he married the sister when Rajo proved unable to have children but unfortunately for him, the sister was unable to produce the desired heir for him either), is now hoping to undergo IVF. The baby that Rajo gave birth to, is a girl and of course it is the male heir that is the sought after prize in the baby stakes of India…so, the husband must sell some more cattle, and head back to the IVF clinic with his two wives in tow.


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