Drugs payment scheme and IVF

I am not on IVF but I have been very grateful in the past to have been able to avail of  the Drugs Payment Scheme,under which no individual or family pays more than €100 per month for prescription medication.   I have been following the latest developments with pharmacists withdrawing from the scheme and what implication that will have especially in rural areas. A few weeks ago, in discussion with my husband on his favourite topic of the recession (most certainly not my favourite topic!), I said that the days of the drugs payment scheme  are numbered.  Fiona McPhilips at the Waiting Game, highlights a change in the scheme which will take IVF meds off the list of approved drugs. This will deal a terrible blow to the hopes and dreams of those couples on IVF or planning to go on IVF in Ireland.  It may put those dreams out of reach of the ordinary Irish couples, who are already struggling financially, as we all are, with the effects of the recession.

You can read Fiona’s post here, which also links to a petititon against these cuts.


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  1. iamstacey
    Aug 03, 2009 @ 20:24:15

    Oh, no, that would be terrible! What a wonderful plan – I wish we had it here!


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