Mind-body connection


When I went through treatment for breast cancer, I used a variety of touch therapies, not to cure myself as such, but more to deal with the harsh side-effects of chemotherapy and the emotional and psychological effects of dealing with a cancer. I have since moved from Dublin to the country and am looking into finding some new practitioners to help me deal now with the emotional effects of the miscarriage and also to get my body in optimum shape to try to conceive again. 

During treatment, I also practised yoga, mediation and visualisation, but when I rejoined the real world, I let all of these slip. Ironically I was better off emotionally and psychologically when I was ill with cancer than I am now, supposedly healthy!

I have just been reading a piece at Fertility Authority which says that  Harvard Medical School researchers revealed women who participated in yoga and relaxation techniques were three times more likely to get pregnant.

Fertility Authority also points to a 2004 study published in Medical Study News which reviewed a new massage technique developed by a physical therapist and a massage therapist called the Wurn Technique, which showed a 71 percent pregnancy rate within one year of the receiving the treatment.

A 2008 review of randomized controlled trials from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore found acupuncture significantly improved pregnancy rates resulting from the embryo transfer process.

So, my question is, has anyone had any successes with complementary therapies such as reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, etc. in the area of fertility treatment? I would love to know what your experiences, if any, have been….